Combustion Equipment & Solutions

Combustion Equipment

Custom Combustion Solutions for Multiple Applications

Van Dam is a combustion equipment fabricator that designs and build a large variety of combustion systems such as:

  • Flares and Stacks
  • Direct Fire Heaters (Box & Cylindrical Types)
  • Reformers
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Waste Heat Recovery Units
  • Silencers

The above equipment is delivered with instrumentation & Control

In addition, our team can assist with engineering services, logistics, system startups, and after-sales services.

With our Fabrication Dry Docks in the US we are able to manufacture and fully assemble the equipment and transported in completely assembled modules in Barges direct to the Jobsite.

We manufacture using the best Combustion fired heater technology Companies, so we are able to transfer the Thermal and Process Guarantees directly to the client and provide Startup and Commissioning services.

The client is able to decide the Burners & Instrumentation Brands according to their needs