Structural Steel Modules

Structural Steel Modules

Structural Steel Modules Built To Client Specifications

We can fabricate pipe rack modules, including the fabrication of the piping spools to deliver the modularized elements only to be connected to each other at job site.

The principle of Modular steel Structures applies not only in the Oil & Gas Sector, but it can be applied to any Steel Structure to be assembled in the biggest pieces that are possible in order to minimize the work at job Site.


The idea is to make shop Preassembly, check that everything match, Separate big Items that have Bolted connections to be reconnected at the job site.


Some of the advantages of this approach are:

1. Lower labor cost as everything is done at the shop with higher efficiency gained through controlled conditions at the shop.

2. Enhanced Safety Outcomes: Shop environment is better controlled than the job site where accidents are common. Also at the shop, most of the work will be done at ground level instead of working in scaffoldings as required in the job site. No need to work in enclosed conditions, no interfering with other crews at the job site, no contact with potential spills, fires, etc that are present in a job site, What will be the cost of an accident at job site??

3. Specialized Labor Availability at the Shop vs Jobsite: All work will be done using already available workers at the shop avoiding the need of scarce specialized labor at the job site.

4. Improved Quality: working at the shop is a 100% controlled environment, guaranteeing a good quality product versus of work done at the job site with variable weather conditions, new labor, etc… will require plenty of quality and production inspectors to try to control the construction.

5. Accelerated Schedule: Working at shop reduce delays by eliminating the sensitivity to weather conditions. Also, work at the shop can be completely done while foundations are in progress, reducing considerably the schedule of the job, actually fabrication can star even before permits at the job site are obtained!

6. Cost Reduction: for all the above the total cost of the project can be reduced, just by the savings in the schedule the cost of capital will be reduced.