Industrias Metalúrgicas Van Dam started in this area  in the early 50’s fabricating part of the exterior (windows) of the “Centro Simon Bolivar” Towers  in Caracas, Venezuela the highest building at that time, later in the late 70’s our company manufactured all the steel structure of the Central Park Twin Towers, 54 stories high buildings and until today they are  the highest buildings in Venezuela.

Our scope includes the Design Fabrication and erection of: Mid/High Rise Commercial and Residential Buildings, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Sport Complexes, PreEngineered Buildings, Industrial and Process plants as well as steel reinforcement of building.

We can design the Pre-Engineered Building just by knowing client dimensional needs; the building can include: Overhead Cranes, Ridge Ventilators, Roofing & Siding, gutters & Downspouts, roll-up doors, fascia etc.

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