Alumina Handling Systems, Process Plants, Aluminum Reduction cells (Potshells) Fabrication, Potshell superstructure, lifting beams, silos, dust collection systems.

As Venezuela is an Aluminum producer country that has the complete production chain as it has localy available all the resourses and materials, Bauxite is available as well as Electricity from Hidroelectrrical Dams so each of the different links of the Aluminum supply Chain are available in Venezuela; our company  as the main Venezuelan steel fabricator has specialized in the manufacture of  the metal mechanical items required in for the industry, from the extraction of Bauxite up to The Aluminum Smelters.

In general, we can provide:

  • Fabrication & erection of steel buildings: Warehouses Smelters, we can design the Pre-Engineered Buildings with overhead cranes or made to order with all the client requests.
  • Solid Handling Systems including: Conveyors, transfer Towers, fixed or mobile Chutes, Stacker Reclaimers, Ship Loaders, silos. We can Fabricate, erect and also, we can provide the civil, mechanical and electrical work.
  • Dust Collection systems

We have manufactured Potshells (aluminum reduction cells) and Potshell superstructure for aluminum smelters using the main technologies such as  Pechiney, Reynolds , Kaiser , Alcoa designs; in fact we have manufacture the potshells for ALCASA & VENALUM (Venezuelan Smelters) as well as the 265 potshells for the ALUMINAIRE LAURALCO INC (Bechtel-Lavalin) project, covering the procurement, fabrication in Venezuela and export to Dechambault, Quebec Canada   and recently part of the potshells for ALUSAF a South African Smelter that were fabricated in South Africa for easier logistics.

In total we have manufactured more than 1500 Potshells of different design, meeting all requirements of quality & schedule at very competitive price, with an accurate knowledge of distortion control.

In the case of VENALUM & ALCASA we were involved as a consortium with the civil works including the foundations, steel fabrication and erection of all structural work.

Also, we have manufactured many Potshel Prototypes that were used by the developers for experimental use.

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