Power Plants

We have participated in the construction of the biggest hydroelectrical power plants in Venezuela, the Raul Leoni   Dam at Guri where we manufactured the Penstocks, the Maintenance Gates, the machine Room overhead crane (Hitachi technology), the concrete pouring trestle and the cofferdams. We have also been involved in Macagua and Aguaviva (Voest Alpine) Dams as well as in the Masparro (Elecnor) Dam. In the case of Thermal Electrical Plants, we have done several in Venezuela, the AES Power Plant in Las Mareas Puerto Rico (Duke Energy/Fluor and ABB/Alstom), The Barahona plant in Domenican Republic etc.

Our product scope in this thermoelectric area is:

• Penstocks including elbows , transitions, and bifurcations
• Buildings
• Gates, Radial gates
• Fluidized Bed Heat Exchangers
• Storage Tanks
• Silos, pressure vessels
• Heat Recovery Systems
• Seal Pots
• Precipitator Hoppers
• Seal Boxes
• Air Ducts


Logistics & Wind Energy

Hydro Thermal Electrical, Power Plants and Renewables

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