Fabrication Shops, Yards & Dry Docks

  1. Specialized Personnel: Our staff (engineers, fitters, welders, electricians etc. ) has experience in complex projects, including the use of exotic materials as well as complete process modules.
  2. Dock: We have direct water access, allowing us to deliver extra wide/heavy modules We can manage all the logistics, delivering CIF and DDP Incoterms.
  3. Geographical Locations in The Gulf of Mexico We are located near the main energy markets of Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean, reducing the cost of transportation.
  4. Yard Assembly & Storage: Large  capacity to store equipment in our yards, delivering according to Jobsite  priorities We can assemble modules in our plants with imported parts to be exported with a possible tax advantage.

Our Yard Fabrication Shops & Drydocks


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