Modular Process Skids

Van Dam has a long experience fabricating customized process skids starting with the steel structure frames including client specified static equipment. We are able to modularly skid such items as Pressure Vessels, Shell & Tube as well as Air Cooled Heat Exchangers. Our custom solutions include such items as interconnecting piping, instrumentation and controls and always include the proper Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) when required.

We are able to provide a complete solution from engineering including supply chain logistics and delivery to jobsite both within the US and abroad. Our Fabrication Shops and yards with Bulkheads & Dry-Dock facilities with direct water access to calm & deep waters allow us to deliver in barges almost without dimensional limitations.

Our Scope of work includes:

  1. Project Management
  2. Structural, Mechanical, Hydraulical, Instrumentation & Controls Design.
  3. Shop Drawings: Structure, equipment, ladders & Platforms, Pipe Spools, Valves, Instrumentation.
  4. Fabrication of all ASME Static Equipment, spools, Steel Structures, Ladders & Platforms.
  5. Procurement of piping, valves, special items and accessories All associated instrumentation as indicated in the P&ID’sAssembly of all the elements into the Skid, make including modifications or adjustments.
  6. Inspection and Quality Assurance including Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT).
  7. Protective coatings, Insulation, packaging, shipping Route Study.


Structural Steel Modules

Built To Client Specifications

We can fabricate pipe rack modules, including the fabrication of the piping spools to deliver the modularized elements only to be connected to each other at jobsite.

The principle of Modular steel Structures applies not only in the Oil & Gas Sector, but it can be applied to any Steel Structure to be assembled in the biggest pieces that are possible in order to minimize the work at job Site.

If required we can fully end to tail shop preassemble, including mechanical installation in order to assure correct fit at jobsite.

Some of the advantages of this approach are:

  1. Lower labor cost as most work at the shop with higher efficiency and quality obtained through controlled conditions.
  2. Enhanced Safety outcomes: Shop environment is better controlled than jobsite where accidents are common. Also, at shop most of the work will be done at ground level instead of working in scaffoldings as required at jobsite. No need to work in enclosed conditions, no interfering with other crews at jobsite, no contact with potential spills, fires etc that could be a hazard at the jobsite.
  3. Specialized Labor availability at shop vs Jobsite: All work will be done using already available workers at the shop avoiding the need of hiring scarce specialized labor at jobsite.
  4.  Improved Quality: working at the shop is a 100% controlled environment, guarantee a good quality product versus of work done at jobsite with variable weather conditions, will be expensive as far as more intensive quality control is necessary.
  5. Accelerated Schedule: Working at shop reduces delays by eliminating the sensitivity to    weather conditions. Also, wok at shop can be completely done while foundations are in progress, minimizing job timetable. Fabrication can start even before permits at the jobsite are obtained!
  6. Cost reduction: for all the above the total cost of the project can be reduced, just by the savings in capital investment.

Offshore & Subsea Fabrication

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