GC Van Dam specializes in the fabrication of Steel Structures as well as ASME/API process equipment.  Both advanced capabilities enable us to supply a wide range of products and services for the different industries that we serve.

We manage projects from early design phases, engineering, workshop drawings, procurement, manufacturing, acceptance tests and logistics.  ISO, ABS, ASME (U, U2, R, S) shop certifications ensure quality of our products and services.

The following competitive advantages differentiate us from our competitors:

  1. Vertical Integrated Fabrication Shops: high tech plasma cutting tables, plate rolls, press brakes, advanced welding lines with a large variety of welding processes, post-weld heat treatment, surface preparation and painting (shot & sand blasting) and test equipment such as a High Pressure Hydro Test.
  2. Specialized Personnel: Our staff of engineers, fitters, welders, electricians, and other trades have years of experience in complex projects, being the backbone of our success
  3. Yard Assembly & Storage: Our extensive yards equipped with high crane capacity allows us to perform final assemblies and tests. We can store and deliver according to job site priorities.
  1. Private port in our premises: We can deliver extra wide and heavy items by ship or barge directly from our docks with calm deep-water access, managing all the required logistics.
  2. Prime geolocation in the Gulf of Mexico: Our shops are strategically located near the main energy markets of Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean.
  3. Variety of raw materials: Our fabrication capabilities include the knowledge to work with carbon steel as well as alloyed steels, Stainless Steels, and exotic Materials such as Inconel, Monel, Duplex, Super duplex etc.
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