Steel Mills Mining

Direct Reduction, reactors, Reformer, furnaces, Reclaimers, Conveyors, Buildings, Gas Tanks, and Bins.

We have been involved In this industry since the beginning of our company, Venezuela has one of the purest iron Ore in the world and as a consequence this sector is been developing from extraction up to the  processing of the material in the Steel Mills, so we have manufacture products for all the manufacturing Chain, we have manufactured wagons, iron Ore Handling Systems, Steel Mill Plants, Ladles for the melted iron, Heat exchangers for the process etc.

It is important to mention that with the experience gained, we have been involved in the Steel Mill fabrication in neighboring countries such as Trinidad where we have done several Shop expansions as well as the fabrication of the Reformer and the main Furnace Building (100 meters high) and Gas Duct Bridge for the Direct Reduction Steel Mill Plant   in Point Lisas, Trinidad, owned by Arcelor -Mittal (Caribbean Ispat).

The erection of the 2nd MeltShop Extension of Caribbean Ispat was carried out with the Steel Mill in full operation so it was a rather complicated erection that required strong and coordinated project planning. Our scope of work included   shop drawings, fabrication, export and import Logistics, and erection in Trinidad.

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