Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petro Chemical: API & AWWA Storage tanks, ASME certified Pressure vessels, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Distillation towers, Process Skids, Steel structures, Separators, Silos, Solid Handling Systems (Conveyors, Reclaimers, Shiploaders) , API/AWWA Storage Tanks, Pipe Racks, Combustion equipment ( Heaters, Reformers, Stacks, Flares, Ductwork).

Offshore:  Fabrication of Subsea Skids ( PLET, PLEM), Frames,  Mooring Systems (Buoys), Offshore Process Skids, Steel Structures, Marine repair (with Gulf Copper) including Dry Docks .

Hydro / Thermo Power Plants & Renewables: Penstocks, Gates, Viaducts, Bridges, Cofferdams, Boilers, Heaters, Condensers Heat Exchangers, Cranes, Flue Gas Ducts, silos, Wind, Tide & waves energy generating equipment.

Steel Mills & Mining: Direct Reduction, reactors, Reformer, furnaces, Reclaimers, Conveyors, Buildings, Gas Tanks, and Bins.

Public Works: Viaducts, Bridges, Wagons, Platforms, buildings, Hangars, Conveyors, Pre Fabricated, Buildings, Warehouses, Commercial Centers, Sport Complex.

Cement Plants: Hoppers, Bins, Buildings, platforms, ducts, conveyors, Equipment.

Aluminum Mills: Reduction cells (Potshels), buildings. potshel superstructure, lifting beams, silos, conveyors, dust collection systems.

Paper mills, Breweries, Sugar plants: Buildings, Tanks, pressure vessels, Reactors, conveyors.

Buildings: Mid Rise & High Rise Buildings, Shopping Centers, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Hangars, Sheds, Sport Centers, Steel Structures

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